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Act signed 12/27/2020 By President

1. Stimulus 2nd Rebate - a. $600 per individual ($1,200 married) plus qualifying child

under 17 yrs old (Only with Social Security Number)

b. 5% Reduction with income in excess of $75,000 Single,

$112,500 Head of Household, $150,000 Married Joint Filers

c. Full Phaseout Income reaches $99,000 Single,

$146,500 Head of Household with one child,

$198,000 Married Joint Filers

d. Eligible taxpayers include anyone except: Nonresident alients,

Any who doesnt have a SSN or adoption taxpayer identification

number (ATIN), Some Dependents of Another, Estates/Trusts

2. Stimulus Rebate - a. Will receive 2nd in same manner as 1st rebate.

b. Those who use program to pay fees and receive advances -

they will be sent directly to you this 2nd time.

c. NEW and IMPORTANT - Those with a Social Security Number

and Spouse with ITIN (Tax ID) filing Jointly, now will be

eligible Taxpayer and Child(ren) with Social Security Number

will be eligible to receive 1st rebate when file 2020 return.

d. If you were eligible and didn't receive 1st rebate, you will be

eligible to receive it when you file 2020 return.

3. Cash Contributions - limited to $300 per return/joint (or $150 Married Filing Separately)

4. PMI - was extended into 2021

5. Unemployment Payments - This is Income. You will need form 1099G to file.

6. PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) - Deductions are allowable for expenses,

Forgiveness is not a taxable event. (THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!)

Maybe able to receive additional loan called "PPP Second Draw)

7. SBA - has extended time to apply for loan

8. COVID19 Withdrawals from retirement accounts - must request options to pay taxes

over 3 years, repay/replace withdrawals with return. No penalties for early withdrawal

up to $100,000 (GREAT NEWS!!)

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